New in Axure RP 9: Dark UI Mode,axure rp 9 新增暗黑模式

Axure RP’s UI has gone through some major changes for version 9, each intended to make your workflows a little easier and a little speedier. Thanks to customer feedback, we’ve improved on inline editing, interaction building, and more since the initial RP 9 Beta release. Today, we’re introducing one of the most requested enhancements: a dark UI mode to complement dark mode on the latest macOS and Windows operating systems.

Axure RP的UI经历了版本9的一些重大更改,每个版本都旨在使您的工作流程更轻松,更快速。 感谢客户的反馈,自最初的RP 9 Beta发布以来,我们对内联编辑,交互构建等进行了改进。 今天,我们正在推出一个最受欢迎的增强功能:一个黑暗的UI模式,以补充最新的macOS和Windows操作系统上的暗模式。


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