Axure RP 9 从入门到精通:配置您的环境。

The Axure RP environment has long been the source of internal debate here at the Axure offices. Which controls should be hidden away and which should be at your fingertips? What goes where? Left side or right side? Is the best layout for creating a quick, static wireframe different from the best one for building a rich, interactive prototype?
Now, you get to decide. Configurable environment panes are coming in Axure RP 9. Are you a single-key shortcut wizard who feels right at home in Sketch and doesn’t need the Pages, Libraries, Interactions, or Notes panes? Feel free to pare down your Axure UI to just the Outline and Style panes for maximum speed and minimum clutter.
Axure RP环境一直是Axure办事处内部争论的源头。 哪些控件应该隐藏起来,哪些应该在你的指尖? 怎么回事? 左侧还是右侧? 创建快速静态线框的最佳布局是否与构建丰富的交互式原型的最佳线框不同?
现在,你决定了。 可配置的环境窗格将在Axure RP 9中出现。您是一个单键快捷方式向导,在Sketch中感觉就像在家里一样,不需要页面,库,交互或Notes窗格吗? 您可以随意将Axure UI削减到“轮廓”和“样式”窗格,以获得最大速度和最小的杂乱。

Are you finding it inconvenient to switch back and forth between your interactions, styles, and notes? Display all three in a row and edit widgets like a pro.
您是否发现在交互,样式和笔记之间来回切换是不方便的? 连续显示所有三个并像专业人士一样编辑小部件。

Or maybe you want to take advantage of that second monitor to see absolutely, positively everything at once?

The options are endless—or at least numerous! What will be your go-to layout?
选项是无穷无尽的 - 或者至少是无数的! 你的首选布局是什么?


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